Below are some of our Tuxedo FAQ’S. As always if you have any questions or concerns that aren’t in our Tuxedo FAQ’S below,  please give us a call or contact us today. If you need to submit a tuxedo size, please fill out our Tuxedo Size Form.

Q. How far in advance do I need to book my wedding?
A. Generally the answer is as soon as possible. It is common for couples to book their wedding three to six months and in some cases one year in advance.

Q. When does each person pay for his tuxedo?
A. When each gentlemen comes to be measured he has the option to pay for the tuxedo and pay a $40.00 deposit to reserve his tuxedo. If the gentlemen pays only the deposit, the rental will be due when the garment is picked up.

Q. How soon should the men come in to be measured?
A. To allow us to reserve and guarantee the sizes and styles you request, we recommend that all renters be fitted and deposits be paid at least two weeks prior to the event.

Q. Do you have children’s sizes?
A. Yes we carry sizes from 4 – 16 (even sizes only)

Q. Once I have reserved the tuxedos for my wedding, can I make changes to my order?
A. Only the Bride/Groom may make changes up to two weeks prior to the wedding.

Q. How do we rent the tuxedos for the guy’s who live out of town.
A. Have the gentlemen be fitted at a tuxedo shop in his area. He can order online, fax ( 318-329-5953), email ( tuxinfo@ or phone (318-322-6274) his order in. Don’t forget, he will need to provide his name, the wedding he is in and his means of payment for the deposit.

Q. When will the tuxedos be available for pick up?
A. Tuxedos are ready for try-on and pickup as early as Thursday afternoon prior to the event. We request each person try his tux on here at the store so we may ensure a perfect fit. We have over 4000 tuxedos in stock and can make any adjustments at that time.

Q. When are the tuxedos due for return?
A. Tuxedos are due back the next business day after use.