Men’s White 1/4″ Pleated Laydown Collar


  • Laydown Collar
  • 1/4″ Pleat
  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • 133/72 (205) Thread Count
  • Comfort Fit Collar

Size Chart


SKU: 937 Category: Product ID: 2226

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XS-30/31, XS-32/33, S-30/31, S-32/33, S-34/35, S-36/37, M-30/31, M-32/33, M-34/35, M-36/37, L-30/31, L-32/33, L-34/35, L-36/37, L-38/39, XL-32/33, XL-34/35, XL-36/37, XL-38/39, 2XL-32/33, 2XL-34/35, 2XL-36/37, 2XL-38/39, 3XL-32/33, 3XL-34/35, 3XL-36/37, 3XL-38/39, 4XL-34/35, 4XL-36/37, 4XL-38/39, 5XL-34/35, 5XL-36/37, 5XL-38/39


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